V-Gate Model

The engine model known as V-Gate has a very intelligent principle in its operation. Around an axis is the rotor, made of material with little density that does not interact with magnetic fields. Considering this rotor is a cylinder in the horizontal position, two important distances are observed which are the height of the cylinder and the average of this value. These distances determine the beginning and end of continuous movement, respectively.

Using cylindrical neodymium magnets, which will have their dimensions calculated according to the design, we begin their fixations at the two extremes of cylinder height, arranging double magnets with their equally spaced centers.

A pole is adopted for each side of the cylinder, where each pair forms a set with north pole and south pole. The decrease in the distance between the two magnets becomes the most important detail, since it is the characteristic responsible for the continuity of movement of this model.

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The distance between the magnets of each pair becomes smaller the closer the cylinder circumference is completed, so we can say that the pair with more spaced magnets is next to the pair with less spaced magnets, so the name V-gate, since the Magnets are arranged as the letter “V”.

Electric Motor Deployment

The deployment of the electric motor began a long time ago and nowadays has become a very complex and at the same time very simple machine. This variety of final implementation is due to the evolution of the electric motor that was very important for him to gain new models and variations, this allowed him to meet varied needs.

The different types of electric motors allow this machine to deal with increasingly large segments. Today we have available single-phase and three-phase electric models, each one of them is indicated for a different application. Before acquiring the purchase of your engine it is important to know which of the models will suit your needs.

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The electric motor has the function of transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy. Its interior has pieces that are fundamental for it to perform this function. The principle of electromagnetism is used in these cases, which is why the engine can do the conversion.

Electric motor running

When it comes to another electric we are referring to a machine that serves to make the transformation from electrical energy to mechanical energy, that is the main function. For this to occur there are internal parts that are necessary for it to perform its main function, which is not difficult to understand, but we will see more details below.

The internal parts of an electric motor skf 62209 2rs1 use the principle of electromagnetism in order to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. This transformation is required by several processes and products, which makes the engine a very important machine for different segments.

When purchasing an electric motor, it is very important to be aware of which model meets your needs. That’s because there is not only one type of motor but rather options ranging from single phase to three phase knowing which one fits the one you need.

Electric motor is able to combine a magnetic field interaction force

The electric motor is a machine that is able to combine in itself the force of interaction of magnetic fields that interact in the induction of a central axis in which it moves causing force and speed.

The electric motor that powers the cars is based on phenomena of magnetism for direct current. The electric motor basically consists of a set of parts that are mounted on a housing that is metal. Practically, almost all electric motors have the same parts and will only change according to the size of the electric motor.

An electric motor consists of: field coils, which usually stays attached to a housing on the inside, this coil can be a magnet or an electromagnet. The inductance is a very important part in the electric motor because it is in the central axis of the electric motor and as the name says it is induced to rotate motivated by a relation of the magnetic fields of the coil.


When rotating, by means of the electric current, the field coil will generate in a magnetic field that is around the winding and in reason of the current that circulates in the same.

Electric motor presents problems in a very common way

As it is a machine, the electric motor presents very common problems! These problems may or may not be repaired, but there are cases where the fault is not located in the electric motor, such as when the fault is in the electric control or the starting capacitor.

When the electric motor does not turn, with the help of a multimeter it will be necessary to analyze if the power supply that the electric motor needs to function is being received correctly.

If the electric motor is just jumping and unable to rotate, the electric motor being single-phase, the multimeter should be used to check if the electric motor capacitor has not burned or if it is receiving voltage below what it needs to run. If the electric motor is three-phase, using the multimeter also will have to analyze if a phase is not missing, or if the power circuit burned when forcing the fuse. If this has happened it is time to replace the fuse and find out what motivated this burning. https://www.mrosupply.com/hydraulics-and-pneumatics/hose-reels/2516634_ez-sh-3100_coxreels/

Electric motor bearings

Electric motor bearings must be lubricated to prevent metallic contact between the rollers

The electric motor bearings must be lubricated in a way that prevents metallic contact between the rollers and serves to protect the bearings against corrosion and wear.

Due to mechanical aging and mechanical work, the properties of the lubricants may suffer from contamination and it is for this reason that they should be changed periodically or completed.

Lubricants from the electric motor can not operate at temperatures above 40 degrees because this impacts on the life of the ball bearing in continuous operation, since the bearing can last from 3 to 4 years as long as the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees, Because if it increases 10 degrees, the useful life diminishes in 50%.

Effective lubrication of the electric motor makes the electric motor improve its performance, it avoids temperature rise as this impairs the life of all the components of the electric motor. Mineral grease is the most used in the lubrication of the motor bearings electric. Coxreels P-LP-350